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Best of Homer on a Budget

Welcome to Homer! These activities offer a great way to experience the beauty and culture of Homer without breaking the bank. 

  1. Enjoy a Community Activity, Guided Tour, or Talk: Check out “This Week in Homer,” posted by your door, to see what is available that day. 

  2. Homer Spit: Take a stroll along the Homer Spit, enjoy the scenic views, watch the boats, and visit the various shops and cafes. Rent a bike from the kiosk by the Fishing Hole or Land’s End and bike around.

  3. Hit the Beach: Spend time at Bishop's Beach, Mariner’s Beach, or Lands End Beach for beachcombing, picnicking, and exploring tide pools.

  4. Go Tidepooling: Check the tides and go about 30 min before low tide (see “This Week in Homer”). The easiest place to spot sea stars and other creatures is at the end of the Spit. Park in the public parking lot and walk to the left under the piers. Read our blog on tidepooling for more adventurous beaches with more creatures.

  5. Pratt Museum: Explore the Pratt Museum for a small fee, and learn about the natural history, art, and culture of the Kachemak Bay region.

  6. Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center: This free center offers interactive exhibits and trails, providing insights into the local marine environment.

  7. Kilcher Homestead Museum Tour: For fans of "The Last Frontier" reality show, don't miss the Kilcher Homestead Museum Tour. Tours are available by appointment. Call 907-235-8673.

  8. Fishing: Try fishing from the shore or the Homer Spit Fishing Lagoon. Rent a pole from the Tackle Shop on the Spit. You do need a fishing license. 

  9. Art Galleries: Explore the local art galleries such as Ptarmigan Arts, Fireweed Gallery, Art Shop Gallery, Bunnell Street Gallery, Homer Council on the Arts and more, all of which offer free entry and feature works by local artists.

  10. Norman Lowell Art Gallery Tour: This awe-inspiring gallery is a must-see. It's an art gallery, sanctuary, and museum showcasing Norman Lowell's works. The gallery itself is an architectural wonder and houses a beautiful collection of Alaskan art. Many guests consider it a highlight of their stay in Alaska.

  11. Historic Old Town: Wander around historic Old Town Homer, where you can see old buildings and learn about the town's history.

  12. Hiking: Enjoy hiking on various trails such as Reber, Pratt Museum Trails, Calvin & Coyle Trail, Wynn Nature Center, Diamond Creek Trail, and Eveline State Park.

  13. Beluga Slough: Walk the trails around Beluga Slough for bird watching and enjoying the serene landscape.

  14. Walk The Old Town Math Trail: Follow a planned route through Old Town Homer, answering mathematical questions related to what you encounter. This trail, created by Homer High School students, highlights the town's unique area with 18 stops, connecting math to art, design, architecture, science, geography, and history.

  15. Scenic Drives: Take a scenic drive on Skyline Drive, out East End, or on the North Fork Road for breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes. These are great places to see moose and sandhill cranes.

  16. Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit: One of the first cabins built in Homer in 1897, the Salty Dawg Saloon has a rich history, serving as a post office and rail station before becoming a saloon in 1957. Featured on the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," the bar is known for its popular hoodies and thousands of signed dollar bills tacked to the walls.

  17. Seafarer’s Memorial on the Homer Spit: This memorial honors those lost at sea and is dedicated to all who go to sea. Friends and family visit to remember loved ones, and bricks dedicated to loved ones are continually added. The annual May blessing of the fleet is held at the memorial.

  18. Fermentation Tour: Ready for a flavorful journey? Our Fermentation Trail Tour includes visits to Bear Creek Winery, Grace Ridge Brewery, Homer Brewing Company, Sweetgale Meadworks & Cider House, and the newly opened Odin Mead. A delightful adventure for the taste buds awaits, offering a taste of Homer's finest brews and meads.

  19. Tour the Peony Farms in July: Take a walk down Pioneer Avenue for the self-guided tour or call Diamond Ridge Peony Farm or Alaska Perfect Peony to reserve a spot in a tour.

  20. Homer Farmers Market: Visit the Homer Farmers Market for local produce, crafts, and live music (open on Saturdays and Wednesdays during the summer).

Enjoy your visit!!

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Jul 13

sounds wonderful! we're traveling in alaska later this month. one of our concerns, which is real and valid, is that sarah palin will show up out of the blue, spreading her self-centered dogmatic joylessness all over the valley and hills. What a waste of a day that would be to run in to her. We know alaska is big, with not a ton of people living there, but still, it would really put a damper on our souls, and surely she would be shooting animals or something and shrilling in that one-note voice of hers. we heard she is divorced, which is extremely unchristian of her, but like all christians, they do whatever they want and go around the …

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